We honestly believe that we are market leaders in Hong Kong when it comes to our systems, process and procedures that we use in our delivery.

Since we started our business, a focus has been to invest heavily with our time and money, to ensure the systems we use and develop internally create value by means of ease of use and efficiencies for all our project works and are in line with the latest codes / guides and regulations.


Our internal processes and procedures have been developed under 3 headings | create track | manage.

Create - is how we create our documentation and final handover information, focusing on Quality, with Speed, ensuring Early Implementation for Rapid Approval.

Track - is how we track our own and the project information / progress; for reporting and understanding of the overall project.

Manage - is how we manage our process and procedures, using latest software and tools to ensure we are fast and efficient in our works. Even down to time tracking and our to do lists.

Tests Tracking
Documents Tracking
Test Packs Tracking